Technician Agency
Originally designed for TV, this software is applicable to any company where skilled people need to be matched to jobs on a day by day basis.

Some of the great features of this integrated technician agency system:

Contacts database with pictures and extensive information
Powerful and flexible profile matching
Track who is where
Match staff to jobs
Point-and-click interface
People diaries
Auto creation of emails listing work for staff
Auto telephone dialling (dependent on hardware)
Auto creation of emails listing work for clients
System for archiving
Hooks for integration with an external accounting system

With its accuracy and speed of response, this application can help give your technician agency the edge, and by handling the bulk of day-to-day chores, leave you free to develop the relationships that will help your business grow.

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These solutions come from a developer who will maintain a real interest in their continuing success. Through close liaison with you the customer we understand what it takes to run a successful business.

MoleSoft is a member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance and regularly provides custom-built solutions. We would be happy to hear from companies who would like to work in partnership to develop new specialist variations of SkillMatch.


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