Diary service
Designed for ease of use and speed, this software is applicable to any diary service taking bookings for clients, be they musicians, actors, presenters or TV technicians.

Some of the great features of this integrated diary service software:

People database with pictures and extensive information
Search by skills and locations worked
Visual diary clearly showing who is doing what and when
List showing work yet to be allocated
Point-and-click interface
Download to Palm Pilot® for out-of-hours operations
Auto creation of emails listing work for clients
Auto telephone dialling (dependent on hardware)
Auto creation of confirmation email with full bookings listing
System for archiving
Hooks for integration with an external accounting system

This system can act as a hub of all operations. The design was done to replace a paper-based system and to require the minimum of training. Manual systems may break down when more than one person takes bookings. There can also be problems if many changes are made or when an out-of-hours service is required. Another area of weakness for paper-based systems is backup: with a computer system, off-site backups can be made to ensure your business can recover quickly from a disaster such as a fire. This solution helps in all these areas and many others.

With its accuracy and speed of response, this application can help give your diary service the edge, and by handling the bulk of day-to-day chores, leave you free to develop the relationships that will help your business grow.

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